Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Jack Houwelling a Woodworker Piano Player with CMT/Charcot Marie Tooth

I am always on the search for something and I discovered Jack Houwelling's Youtube Channel    while doing just that and watching his video on a dovetail job I noticed something which stood out about him personally. His hands!!! I run the video again and yep there it was very distinctive.

I found he had a a website Jax  Design and through that contacted him regarding his hands I was amazed in his reply later in seeing more of his videos and reading his email and story. Jack has CMT Chacot Marie Tooth this is the same as myself.

From one of his video's I think he is located in British Columbia.
Hi Raymond,

Yes I do have CMT but don't let it get in the way. I still play the piano and am a fulltime piano technician and woodworker. You are welcome to share my youtube channel.

Jack Houweling

Jack has some amazing ideas and jigs made simply to aid ones woodworking go check them out and enjoy.

 Thanks Jack for allowing me to share.


Chris Lacey Update

Last July I posted about Chris Lacey, I recently had an email from him.

Hi Ray

How are you going mate? Hope you are moving better as the weather warms up.

Sorry it has been so long since I last made contact with you, or posted anything on the Forum. I have had a few health issues, but mainly I have just been very busy with organising social support for people living with Parkinson's in our area.

I have just finished the set I started well over 6 months ago. The attached pic shows the set in Melbourne at the Grand Designs Australia exhibition. It is part of a Tassie timber featured display from Distinctive Timbers - my local supplier.
I will shortly have a number of good pics of the set that I will post on the Forum. I designed a combined board and storage drawer that includes a high quality soft close mechanism. Very pleased with the result.
Chris sent more photos of his work and added that -:

The chess set is on display at the Grand designs was sold – yet to find out how much for, as the Distinctive Timbers owner is not yet back in the state.

Chris Lacey
2/11a Middle Rd
Devonport Tas 7310
PH: 03 64235208
Mob: 0448394836

Hi Ray

I thought that I would send you a little video taken recently.  It shows me in the state I often arrive at by the end of a day in the workshop.  It coincides with my having used up all my Parky medication.  Once the medication has been used up, the messages simple stop getting through effectively between the muscles and the brain.  This leads to the hunched over “Parky Shuffle”.  I am sorry that the visual is horizontal rather than vertical, but I don’t know how to change it.

Believe it or not, these physical effects are quite humorous – in terms of the weird movement at least.  What is a little harder to deal with is that my face loses all ability to express what I am thinking or saying.  It is surprising how much we take for granted being able to communicate very much through facial expression. I recently had my oldest daughter see me in this state and, even though I told her I was very happy, and only in that state because I had such a wonderful day in the workshop, my face was telling her that I was either very angry or very depressed – she found it rather freaky.  Needless to say, my next dose of medication followed by a good night’s sleep gets me back fit for another days work the following morning.

You are welcome to add the video to your Blog, as long as you use it to get the message across that these states are just a manifestation of “getting the most out of each day”.  If you approach life like that, it is inevitable that on some days at least, you end up using all the medication up.  To me it is just proof that I am living my life as it is now, to the very fullest.  I would not be dead for quids.

I have not yet posted anything on the forum – still hoping to get some more good shots from Distinctive Timbers.